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  1. ass hole kid. for sure the cat was provoked. good kitty ! i don’t care what you think. violence begets violence. And cats usually are mellow. i’ve only met one beserk cat and that was one who had a tumor. get rid of the kid. keep the cat.

    • The cat reacts like a boss! I am with you, although we once hat a cat that was aggressive to begin with. When our first child was born, this cat felt the newborn was a competitor for our attention and attacked the helpless baby every chance he got. So we had to get rid off the cat, real quick. Shipped him off to relatives who live in the country. They gave him a real nice home.

  2. yeah, maybe i’m being a bit mean. i’d have done the same if it were my child and the cat was ornery. ferrel cats aside, my vet told me that as some domesticated cats grow older (not all) they get very ornery. One of my cats is older and indeed she has gotten very feisty. My other one is super mellow and has a very strong maternal instinct. she cuddles w everyone and is very attuned to ppl’s emotions, e.g. if they are sad.. just like a dog. 🙂

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