How Soft Drinks Impact Your Health – [infographic]

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  1. When I was in high school I think I averaged 3 cans of soda a day, every day. At the time I had braces on my teeth. To my knowledge they were made of stainless steel. One day a large component of them broke and came out of my mouth, because it had literally been melted by acid. It took many more years before I finally quit soda altogether, but I wish I had never started.

    In fact it’s so bad that I almost sound like I’m talking about a drug up there.

  2. this applies also to diet sodas- the acidity also breaksdown the enamel. what happens is that every time we eat or drink any caloric intake, for 30 or more minutes there is an acidic environment formed in the mouth bc we have lots of bacteria (some good ones and some nefarious ones) which feed off of the foods we eat and as a by-product they “poop” acids. These acids compounded along with the acidity of the beverage itself aggravates the oral microflora.

    So, each time something caloric is eaten or drank this is called an “exposure”. That is why ideally if one is trying to wean off of soft drinks, it is better to have a soft drink with a meal than sipping it throughout the day (i.e. numerous exposures never giving ph of enamel a chance to return to normal ph)

    Another helpful thing is to always use a straw (even with orange juice!) and take it down the hatch instead of bathing all the teeth.

    Avoid brushing teeth with toothpaste right after 30 of any acidic drink (coffee included). brush w/o toothpaste.
    rinsing mouth with water helps too- and even drinking those basic (as in opposite of acidic) waters helps too PH 9 water is now on sale.

    And buy your soft drink occasional treat if you need one, at a health foods store, to ensure no artificial ingredients are used and sugar cane is much more filling than the HFCS which is artifically made in a 3 step process in a lab and does not give a sense of satiety, plus is linked to obesity.

    Just a friendly sharing for those who love soft drinks. Bubbly water is acidic too btw, so it is not a good substitute

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