Solving life’s puzzles: Bikram Yoga with the Breathe mat and Onzie shorts

Ok, Yoga-time!

I’m almost embarrassed to admit this, but, yes, yoga works. For me, at least. So what if I am a little late to the party, at least I’m there, aren’t I? I have finally woken up. Apparently, this is what my life’s been lacking. Ok, I did some meditating back in high school and in my first year in college in PA. But that’s long long ago.

Photo By Ron Sombilon Gallery

I now know that a busy lifestyle really benefits from some regular variety in what occupies the mind. Stepping out of the rat-race every now and then, focusing on other things than work, chores and helping others. Focusing on nothing or just the physical. Now mind you, this is nothing new. Many people get this benefit from doing sports. I do too. I work out 2 or 3 times a week, but it’s not the same. I needed something else, on the side. I discovered Bikram Yoga and have liked it ever since I started practicing it. Every sport or yoga type has its flaws, and I am not claiming Bikram Yoga is perfect nor do I blindly follow Bikram’s doctrine, but I tend to focus on the upside of things.

And with Bikram Yoga, the glass is certainly more than half ful for me. If you don’t know what Bikram Yoga (aka Hot Yoga) is, click here (wiki) to find out more. What I like about it, particularly, is the fact that – due to the heat and toughness of the poses – the workout demands your utmost concentration. That way, I am forced to focus on other things than everything that harps on my mind in my daily life. It revitalizes my body as well as my mind. What more to ask for? Once I leave the torture chamber, I feel reborn. You know the feeling when you arrive on your vacation destination after a long a tiring journey? That feeling!

At first, I was quite puzzled as to what to wear to Bikram class. The websites said that most people wear the bare minimum. But I felt kind of reluctant to just wear my Speedo. Matter of fact, I did not even own one. So I bought one and also wore a soccer shirt as a top. Boy, did that top come off fast! 42 degrees C ain’t too comfortable when working out in a shirt. Nothing strange about wearing just a Speedo in a room full of people. It’s not like I am at work. Hey, with all these towels on the floor, it’s really just like being on the beach! 🙂

Photos By Ron Sombilon Gallery

I did, however want to work on the towel thing, though. My old IKEA-towels did the job, but they never felt right. Little rough, way too broad for my mat, slippery when wet and, honestly, not too pretty. This is where the Breathe mat came in. What can I say? Check out the picture yourself, it’s right here on the side. The Breathe mat is comprised of three layers: a cotton terry top, middle absorbent cushioning fibers and a coated, brushed bottom that grips carpet and rubber floors. Together, these layers comprise an anti-slip, waterproof yoga mat that fully eliminates the need for a bulky sticky mat and slippery towel. Long and thick enough to provide a comfortable, sanitary layer of protection between the body and floor of the yoga studio, yet compact enough to fold or roll up, take home from class and toss in the washer/dryer with ease.

Always nice to have the hardware in order, so I can do my best to focus on the most important, my inner and outer self.

You can find out everything there is to know about the Breathe mats right here.

Next up: what to wear to Bikram Yoga when you don’t want to wear a Speedo.

My Speedo is ok, I like the fact that it is supposed to be durable and withstands many wash cycles. But it’s not supercomfi. And that’s what I DO want when trying to focus on other things. So I discovered the Onzie. Very good stuff! Just what I like and need. Classic and comfortable men’s shorts with fully-lined and fitted pouch providing support and comfort. Stretchable elastic at waistline. Just that extra bit of length compared with the Speedo (length falls at the mid thigh). And fabric feels nice and soft but strong and durable (100% Free-Flow Fabric. 80% nylon / 20% spandex). Good choice! Very modest in look and color, perfect for the modesty and humbleness Bikram Yoga should be all about (for me).

More info about the Onzie – right here!

Oh, and did I mention the Onzies are made with love in southern California? Could not leave that out. Made in the USA! Has a ring to it, especially in these globalizing, crisis times. 🙂

Glad to share my findings with you, hope it helped.

Happy Bikramming!