Land of rape and honey…

I read about this Canadian town that apparently ran a slogan going like: ‘land of rape and honey’

The town of Tisdale recently made public that they decided to drop the decades-old slogan, which refers to ‘rapeseed’. Although having nothing to do with actually raping a person, the slogan is being changed after years of complaints.

The slogan referred to rapeseed, also known as canola, a major product of Tisdale and the surrounding region along with honey.

But over the years many who misinterpreted the meaning have complained, said Sean Wallace, the town’s economic development director.

Tisdale, a town of 3,500 in the province of Saskatchewan, had used the old slogan since 1958. It said in a news release its new one will be: “Opportunity grows here.”

Mayor Al Jellicoe said the town grows a large variety of crops, is a hub for rail and highways and has low land prices and a modern infrastructure.

Tisdale also said it was rolling out a new website for the town.

This story featured in The Guardian in 2016. I have researched the current website and indeed, the slogan “Opportunity grows here.” now features on it. Then I stumbled on this funny picture I posted above…