A guide to organising your wardrobe [Infographic]

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  1. great post!

    i’m doing a self-study clutterless course and have made tons of improvement on way to becoming a minimalist w the exception of : sweaters, and books. and button shirts ….help!

    i need long sleeve undershirts or turtle necks bc wool itches me easily…and maybe a few more t shirts bc i use the ‘rock deodorant’ ; ) but i’m there- 1 pair of jeans and 1 corduroy pants – the rest are shorts… yeah i’m crazy bc winters are fierce here… i just dress like a german mountain climber w thick socks and cargo shorts w hiking snow shoes…2 coats…but i have way too many sweaters and blouses… i’m keeping my 2 work suits even though i work from home now…and my medical scrubs 3 pairs… the hardest part will be deciding which sweaters to keep, how many ? 3 sounds great but i may do 5 (keep 2 older ones for skiing) and 2 for sleeping so that would be 7. hmm but those 2 will count as pyjamas … i gave 2 nice hand knit wool sweaters to my cats to knead on they’re from 1986! and in great condition. all my old old clothes outlasted my newer ones.

    i don’t know why but my parents were always giving me sweaters as presents…. aside from books.

    i gave away lots of sweaters already but now i’m going to pack a maybe box and see if i can live without them – if so, off to donation.these sweaters are pure cashmere and pure alpaca, merino, etc….no acrylic junk.. so i’ll see which are most comfy and give the rest. i may need to keep 1 for when it’s -17 celcius which is so warm i can only wear if extremely cold…so that would make 5 i often wear, 2 house/sleep ones and 1 for subzero temp. any thoughts? uh oh, and i have 1 which is stained but i love it! what should i do? i don’t care about the stain (bc my soul is clean πŸ˜‰

    hmm 9 … (w the uber hot one for extreme cold) / i have to handwash a lot plus the 2 cat ones separately. too much maintenance? or manageable?

    decisions… any ideas? i think this through… should i have 3 sweaters instead of 5?

      • i only care about comfort and am not into fashion (anymore since a long time)at all.

        yes- i’m going to majorly reduce (i just saw an awful clutter video- since i livd in japan several yrs clutter gives me panic attacks. i had a 3 bedroom house and then a 4 bdrm house- yeah just me lol) but since i returned to the USA i downsized from a 1 bdrm to a studio and i can feel a big difference. if i let 1 or 2 things in disarray it looks like a hurricane came through. my goal is to have my tiny studio zen-like.

        to an average american, i am very tidy and have normal amount, but i still would feel better with less. and i have the terrible habit of starting to read a book which is interesting, and then i leave it to read some other more interesting book. and like that i have several books i have not finished reading, which i would like to finish before donating to the library.

        the reason why i’m not donating books now to library is bc they sometimes do sales to to the public and then if i wanted to check out a former book of mine, it may not be there, if the library decided to sell it…

        no style in particular, but i like to match colors.i prefer blues, turquoise and earth tones, but i am very very casual

        maybe i could post on twitter pix and have ppl vote amongst my favorites yay or nay. that would be fun to do, just to see what ppl’s tastes are like given they are from everywhere! : )

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  3. i live in northern new mexico state and we had (i hope) the coldest winter since 30 years i believe? it’s very dry and cold in the winter. there are 4 seasons and i was told summers are mild . 300+ days of sunshine per year. : ) my fav!
    i recently moved here… the trade-off of a smaller place for the spectacular view and great outdoors , activities, sports, fresh air was well worth it. very peaceful. my town has 2000 inhabitants and it’s an indian reservation located 20 miles from the small city of Santa Fe

    suggestions more than welcome about the clothes… i have no space here – or hardly and very little furniture bc i left it all to my ex bc i avoid confrontations and stuff is replaceable

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